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Alec Home was certainly, in Kipling's meaning, a Man; and he met Triumph and Disaster with an unruffled serenity which was the essence of his nature.Perhaps the most characteristic event in Home's life came in August 1965.It hurtled down, past an ammunition and fuel dump, towards the fields surrounding the village.“It was only a matter of moments, then there was this terrific bang and a great fire went up into the sky,” remembers Mr Cannon.Unlike the heroes of Fighter Command – those we remember for their derring-do in Hurricanes and Spitfires – Britain has been rather more reluctant to honour its bomber crews, even though, of all the branches of the Armed Forces, they faced the deadliest odds During the long dark nights of the winter of 1944, 10-year-old Peter Cannon had grown used to the rumble of planes overhead.His family’s cottage on Station Road in Quainton, Buckinghamshire, was only a few miles from RAF Westcott.

Civil partnerships became available to same-sex couples in the United Kingdom in 2005 and grant rights and responsibilities virtually identical to civil marriage.

In September 2011, the Scottish Government launched a public consultation on the introduction of same-sex marriage, with the Scottish Government indicating it "tend[ed] towards the view that same-sex marriage should be introduced".

In the late Middle Ages and early modern era, women could marry from the age of 12 (while for boys it was from 14) and, while many girls from the social elite married in their teens, most in the Lowlands married only after a period of life-cycle service, in their twenties.

A seven-foot wall of water from the Whiteadder swept over Cumledge Mills near Duns and 42 workers houses adjoining the mills.

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Heavy machinery was lifted from its floor fixings and walls and roofs collapsed.While on a training flight, it had been struck on the starboard side by a Mark III Stirling bomber, whose crew were returning from Amiens, France, after completing their first mission.