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Mc Dougall as secretary & was in operation from 1896 to 1921.

After the company went into liquidation the works was sold to the London Brick Co. This wonderful glazed brick was discovered during the renovation of Carnforth station in Lancashire.

Lambs manufacture handmade bricks, arches and specials in a myriad of colours, textures and sizes supplied from our own brickworks.

Lambs extract natural Wealden Sussex Sandstone from their own Philpots Quarry in West Hoathly, which is the sole remaining source of the material.

These structures have survived from the Stone Age to the present day.

Parts of brickwork include bricks, beds and perpends. The dimensions of these parts are usually co-ordinated such that two bricks laid side by side separated only by the width of a perpend have a total width identical to the length of a single brick laid transversely on top of them.

However small or large your project needs are, please call our Sales Teams for bricks 01403 785141, or for natural stone on 01342 811311.Photo by Richard Paterson who adds: After nationalisation of the coal industry in 1946, many of the previous owners, such as Powell Dyffryn, restructured or diversified, often selling or closing activities ancillary to coal mining, like brickworks.However, the Aberaman Works was still operating in October 1964.A link to brickworks in that area in 1900 Photo by Darrell Prest. Farnley Iron Works produced more bricks than iron a nd eventually became part of the Leeds Fireclay Co (1889). Stephanie writes: When renovation work was being carried out by builders in the Furness and Midland Hall, they found one of the bricks was loose, high up on one of the walls, and on pulling it out and turning it round they found the other side was ceramic and ornately inscribed with the words "Farnley Iron Co Ltd Farnley, Leeds.

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This hadn't been seen, since it was built in the 1890's. Martyn Fretwell writes :- Farco was a trade name used by the Farcet Brick Co.