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Australia’s visa processing times vary by the type of visa being applied for. Applicant’s difficulty in obtaining satisfactory supporting documents 7.

Factors which influence processing times include: • The place where the visa application was made •Visa processing workload at the time •Whether all the necessary documents have been provided •The complexity of the visa application •Turnaround times for medicals and character checks On an average, a general skilled independent Australia skilled migration visa can take around 9 months to process. Requests by the Visa Office for additional supporting information 8.

The AACA is the authority nominated by the commonwealth government of Australia for assessing overseas architecture qualifications for the purpose of migration to Australia under the Australian Government Skilled Migration Program, for the occupation ‘Architect’, ANZSCO code 232111.

The two-stage OQA process is used to determine an overseas academic qualifications’ comparability with a current Australian accredited qualification in architecture.

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For example let's suppose you have following dates: PCC = Meds = Grant = Now - there can be two things depending on CO - your max entry date (date prior to which you and all dependents in your application need to enter Australia to validate Hi, I am seeking information about the first entry in Australia after the immigration visa (189) is granted.

If you are having a sponsorship, your application will be having priority processing. Visa Office workload demands, staffing limits, application backlogs and identified priorities There are various self assessment facilities on the Internet which can give you a Common idea on whether you are eligible to apply for an Australian skilled visa.

Spousal cases and temporary work visas tend to be a little quicker at 3 to 6 months, while applicants requiring professional registration can take an additional 6 to 12 months to process. These facilities are simply not sophisticated enough to recognize the subtleties of a case which (more often than not) can have a significant impact on the viability of an application.

Can anyone please share web-links of Australian immigration website where this is clearly explained and the information is updated? No.., your husband cant go to australia before you.

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Either you have to be with him at time of first entry or you should enter first as you r main applicant.If you need an assessment for the purpose of immigration to Australia, please refer to the Migration Skills Assessment.