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By using SIPWorks Vo IP systems from Modern Works your business can make phone calls over the internet. Contact one of our specialists today at 1-866-900-0919.Other features include voicemail to email, conference bridge, call recording and more. Nortel is expandable, easy to use, and easy to program. Toshiba: Toshiba offers a wide range of telephone systems in London Ontario.LTC also provides specialized transit with a range of service delivery options designed to meet the needs of those with disabilities.

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There is no fee and you don't need to worry about taking out your credit card or paying a bill that comes in the mail...If your employees can free some time by having an automatic attendant, or messages with business hours and popular questions, you can save money! Accountability: If your industry considers the customers word against yours a valuable insight, having recordable voice systems and voicemail to text systems may be invaluable to your organization. Or are your employees going to be making long distance calls frequently? Allowing phone calls to be forwarded to a remote office, or even mobile device, may be an important asset for the growth of your company.