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Edits 'Kavita Vhallo' on D'Souza Henry Dayan D'Souza Literary Work: Short Stories, Articles & Poetry. General: Youth Leader, Organiser & Stage Artist Other: Convenor -Daiji Dubai (1999-2005); Convenor: Daiji Rang Mandir (From 2005)Awards: Daiji Vavraddi Puroskar - 2010; Little Flower Mukhamar Honour in Dubai - September 2012. 'Konn Aikata Mhojo Tallo' (Novel) and 'Maldisanv' (Play) have been published in book form. His play `Mhataro Chorbela' has been staged for 60 times. Awards: Late Louis Macarenhas Memorial Trust in 1990 (Sintimentam), Konkanni Baashaa Mandal, Goa (Sintimentam) and Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Akademi in 2001 (Dukham) M. Rodrigues Marian Paul Rodrigues Books: Khantteancho Khuris (2-Editions) and Nimanni Axea (translated Novels); Rumbddi Fulam (Collection of Poems - 2009)Serial Story: Mogachi Dhanv (Translated Novel)Awards: Best Book of Poetry - Rumbddi Fulam (Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Akademi - 2009) Books & Albums: Bhesam Zallim Kalliz (Novelite), Moga Pello (Collection of Love Poems), Kanni Zali Choli (Translation of Kannada Short Stories of Yashwanta Chittala, Publisher: Central Sahitya Akademi), Fintam (Collection of Poetry), Shabdulim (Collection of Essays), Vaatt (Collection of Poems), Dini Dini (Lyricist & Producer of music audio album), Prikriticho Paas (Collection of Poems), Vinchnnar Kavita (Collection of Selected Poems). Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Akademi Honourary Award - 2007 for his contribution to Konkani Drama. Jerome Periera Jemma - Padil Literary Work: Short stories, Columns - Ugdaasanthlo Fathor (Umallo), Ek Chinthaap (Raknno)Books: Ashea Bagli, Sinthimenthaam, Dukhaam, Vinchnnar Chintop ani Bhognnam.While it’s easy to get caught up in the sheer balls of the band members, how does the music sound?

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Won 3rd prize in Raknno Literary Competition for his short story "Maadd" in the year 2002.

Darkestrah give a 10 minute plus opus recreating Akyr Zaman; Al-Namrood return with a two-part track Tajer Al Punqia. When Five Appeared In Mists And Gathered The First and Seventh6.

**CD-only, 500 pressing**Voices From The Darkside Metal Soundscapes BDP Metal Sicmaggot Ninecircles Metal. Irkalla: To Enter The Great Above and The Depths Below7.

Qayamat-12 Ana Al Tughian by Al-Namrood (7" Vinyl)Qayamat-13 Exalted Are The 7 Throne Bearers ...

by Equimanthorn (Vinyl)Qayamat-14 Epos by Darkestrah (Vinyl Edition w/poster)Qayamat-15 Diaji Aljoor by Al-Namrood Qayamat-16 Diaji Aljoor by Al-Namrood (Vinyl Edition)Two of the most unique sounding bands in black metal in a split release.

It was after experiencing these problems that Emperor Shōmu issued an edict in 741 to promote the construction of provincial temples throughout the nation.

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